Enjoy the cultural offer of your city always with the best companion

People sharing your interests
are looking forward meeting you.

Culture & people in one place

"At times I had no companion to go to a cultural event of my interest and I preferred to stay at home than going there alone. Since I use the "Share Culture App" my social live is more active and I have met very interesting people"
Scarlett Anderson, Trainee
Each activity has a list of enthusiasts who signaled that activity as of their interest. You can check their profile and if the activity also interests you, you can get in touch with them through the internal chat, sending an email or sharing your WhatsApp number with them. This way you can start conversations and maybe find the time to enjoy the offer together.

Integrated Features

I don't have to give my telephone number to people I still don't know since users get in touch with me through the internal chat. I recieve notifications (like I do in WhatsApp) in my smart phone notifications drawer and I can reply from there right away.

Events, people, offers & no more free time

I lived in Berlin many years where at first I didn't know anyone. As time went by my group of friends grew up and we spent together the dark cold nights of winter. Still at times I had no companion to many of the activities the city has to offer. Many times my friends were not interested or had not always free time to join me.

This cultural App is the result of all those days. It is where you can find activities that interest you letting other members know about it and increasing your opportunities to meet with fellow enthusiasts and probably experiencing the offer together.
In only one place you have everything. Cultural events, interested/ing people, an internal chat, maps & directions and even offers and promotions sponsored by the cultural institutions. I bet you'll never again miss a companion. But send me a chat if you do. Maybe be can do some cultural activity together.
Marc Farssac, CEO & Founder

An All-In-One App

All activities

Cultural events are organized in categories. People who like them do too. Check the always updated info and find the right one.

Geo localization

Spot events on the map, quickly find the address of locations and get directions to get there.

Fellow enthusiasts

Find a list of enthusiasts close to your present location. Check their profiles and interests too.

Internal chat

A chatting system let you talk to every user without sharing your telephone number. Notifications inform you of new chats

User profiles

Learn about users through their facebook's "user about" profile. Update your profile to let others know about you.

Like or chat with a profile

Users will receieve a notification right away when you like their profile. Start a chat if you are VIP and want to get in touch


Notifications inform you of chats and users willing to join you. Check profiles or reply them right away.


Adjust distance to events and to people found in your your geographical location. Set weather you want to be notifyed or not.

Enjoy the cultural offer of your city with the number one App to share it with fellow enthusiasts

Either if you plan in advance or the day before, weahter you are in your city or just traveling for some days you will have the chance to meet people willing to join you.
"After a while I had made some "cultural friends" which I used to meet now and then. In parallel I was still receiving new invitations to do things together from people I still didn't know. My agenda was always full and I mostly met very nice people"
Patrick Russel, Events specialist
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